The drug Accutane is used to combat severe manifestations of acne, even those with which other means could not cope.

In fact, Accutane is one of the forms of vitamin A. Due to its action, the sebaceous glands begin to produce less amount of sebum, and besides, the natural process of skin regeneration is accelerated. Where can i buy accutane online, which is able to cure the most neglected cases of acne, but its application can have very serious side effects. Therefore, before starting the drug Accutane should consult a dermatologist, and weigh the positive effects and possible negative results from the use of this tool.

Use Accutane in strict accordance with the doctor's instructions. The dose of the medicine should be taken with a glass of water, if this is not done, then the medicine may irritate the esophagus. Take the drug should be twice a day, swallowing the pill whole and fluids with plenty of liquid. Do not be frightened if, at the beginning of the procedure, some deterioration of the skin condition occurs, this is a normal possible phenomenon. But then you should see an improvement. To achieve better results, the course of the pills prescribed by the doctor must be completed to the end. It is also possible that one course of treatment will not be enough, and then a continuation will be required.

The drug Accutane should never be taken during pregnancy, nor should it become pregnant within a month after the course of treatment is completed. If you neglect this rule, the consequences for the future child can be the most deplorable.

When taking this drug or stopping it, some patients may experience symptoms of depression or even suicidal thoughts. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

During the course of treatment with Accutane, you should not take vitamin A, as this can aggravate the side effects of the drug.

During treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided, since the sensitivity of the skin at this time is increased, and there is a risk of serious burns.
Also Accutane is able to affect the deterioration of night vision.

If you have started a course of treatment with Accutane, you should complete it, even if you initially noticed a worsening.